Power Keng Ma!Wujiang woman WeChat change evaporated 20,000 Xiong Haizi bought itDiamonds

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  Zhu, who lives in Wujiang, discovered,The change in his WeChat payment was 20,000 less..After careful investigation, it was found that,The person who secretly transferred the money turned out to be12A year old daughter.

  Yesterday at about 2 p.m.,Ms. Zhu, who is working in the company, suddenly received a message from her mobile phone.,His WeChat was transferred out88Dollars,The money was transferred to her daughter's WeChat account.

  After seeing the information,Ms. Zhu conveniently checked the balance in WeChat's wallet,But when she saw her bill,Suddenly blindsided.


  According to the bill,From7Month25Starting on the 7th,Ms. Zhu's account recharged a game called Play Bar with more than 10 transactions.,The amount of each transaction is from6Yuan to1688Yuan range,The total sum is about 20,000 yuan..Ms. Zhu was worried and puzzled,I never play games at ordinary times.,Did someone steal the money??But she thought on second thought,This may also be related to his daughter.


  Under the repeated questioning of ms Zhu,My daughter, Seth, admitted,It's just that I'm playing. I'm playing wolf kill、The script kills small games that need diamonds.,Only then did I think of recharging with my mother's WeChat account,At the beginning.,Si Si only makes small recharge.,After finding out that mom didn't notice,Dare up gradually,The amount of recharge is also increasing.

  Seth said,Since the summer vacation began,Besides going out to paint regularly,Every day at home is holding a mobile phone to play games.,It can be found that when money is needed to buy diamonds,She also made difficulties.,Until one morning,Think, suddenly found the way to recharge.She took advantage of her mother's sleep.,Recharge for several consecutive days.

  Later, the reporter also contacted the customer service of the play bar.,The other party replied that the diamond that has been recharged cannot be refunded..Lawyers said,10Minors over the age of 18 belong to"Persons with limited capacity for civil conduct",When they use their parents' bank accounts for mobile phone games,Requires parental confirmation,Without,Parents can request the game platform to return the corresponding fees through judicial channels.

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