Principal response8People Abandon North Qing Dynasty:The report is incomplete. Hopes to attend Peking University Medical Department

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(Original title:Response from Bozhou No.1 Middle School Principal8People Abandon North Qing Dynasty:The report is incomplete.,Hopes to attend Peking University Medical Department)

Recently,"No.1 Middle School of Bozhou, Anhui Province8Six Students Abandoned Qing Bei"The news of the incident received great attention.For netizens questioned"8Three students did not reach Tsinghua in the college entrance examination、Beijing University Admission Score Line,How to talk about giving up",8Month18day,Xie Qiping, the headmaster of Bozhou No.1 Middle School, said in an interview with Surging News,Bozhou No.1 Middle School previously reported by the media8There is something incomplete about the news that six students gave up Qing Bei.,Zhang Jinyu、Yuan Ziqi's two classmates had a chance to go to Tsinghua.,In addition6Five students are expected to attend Peking University Medical Department,But ."Unless they want to study medicine,Otherwise, I won't be able to go to Peking University either.".

According to the official website of Peking University Medical Department,The medical department has relatively independent enrollment.,Under the unified leadership of Peking University,According to the characteristics of medical candidates,Each major in Peking University Medical Department will enroll students by separate codes.,Set the gear-up fractional line separately.,Separate admission,And only science students are enrolled for undergraduate courses.

Xie Qiping said,Although6Five students did not get extra points.,However, the admission score of Peking University Medical Department is generally lower than that of other specialties in Peking University.,So they have a chance to go to Peking University Medical Department.

At present,Peking university health science center's official website has not yet released the minimum admission points for all provinces and cities.But surging news learned from the Anhui admissions department of Peking university medical department,Before Anhui Science Department this year500Famous candidates have the opportunity to attend Peking university medical department.,"But some professional requirements will be higher,Such as clinical eight-year system".

On the happy news published on the website of Bozhou No.1 Middle School,Surging News Notes,This year, before Anhui science department500Name,Bozhou No.1 Middle School8people.

8Among the candidates who gave up Qing Bei,The media focused most on Zhang Jinyu.、Yuan Ziqi.According to《anhui youth daily》Earlier reports,8Zhang Jinyu's College Entrance Examination Score683points,Exceeded the admission line of Tsinghua University and got the admission promise of relevant majors from Tsinghua University.

According to the previous report of surging news,683The score did exceed Tsinghua University's admission line in Anhui.But .,The Tsinghua University Admission Office said,Zhang Jinyu has not won the admission promise of relevant majors in Tsinghua University.

This,Xie Qiping said,After knowing Zhang Jinyu's score,The school took the initiative to ask Tsinghua if he could attend.,What major can I take?.The relevant admissions officers do have a commitment to which major they can pursue.,But because it does not conform to Zhang Jinyu's professional intention,So I didn't report it.

Another concern is Yuan Ziqi.《anhui youth daily》The report said,Yuan Ziqi(The original report was written by Yuan Ziqi.,It is actually Yuan Ziqi.)Passed Beijing University before the exam.、Several rounds of investigation in Tsinghua University,And has been given Tsinghua University's health.20Separate admission、Peking University Health5Preferential treatment for admission.such,He scored in the college entrance examination.672On the basis of points plus care20points,The result far surpasses Tsinghua University's admission line.

But surging news through the query,Yuan Ziqi did get a discount from Peking University,But did not get Tsinghua points.This,Tsinghua University also confirmed to surging news,They did not receive preferential points.

Xie qiping explained to surging news,This .20The drop in scores was actually intended to be achieved through the leader's plan.,But Yuan Ziqi gave up before the college entrance examination.

"We and Tsinghua University have always been units of mutual trust.There is a leading plan in Tsinghua University's autonomous enrollment,Through the investigation of the students' three-year comprehensive scores in school and so on, we can identify a certain discount to students.Through investigation,Tsinghua University is going to give Yuan Ziqi the quota."He said,But when the school is ready to report him,"Students have their own ideas,He gave up at that time.".

Because I like math very much.,Xie Qiping said,Later, the school encouraged him to enter for the mathematics department of Peking university through the liberal arts program of Peking university.,Although finally obtained5Divide and drop points,But ."Because the college entrance examination failed,Also failed to get on the admission line of Peking University.".

Peking University Response8Students Abandon Qing Bei:Only through the medical department line No admission promise

No.1 Middle School of Bozhou, Anhui Province"8Six Students Abandoned Peking University in Tsinghua"Sparked heated debate,It is reported that Mr. Yuan got Tsinghua University's health.20Bonus treatment,The result far surpasses that of Tsinghua University.,In the end, I chose the math major of China University of Science and Technology,Zhang also exceeded Tsinghua University's admission line.,However, he gave up because he could not pass the computer major.In response to reporters, Peking University said,8The scores of 16 students were higher than the final promotion line of Peking university medical department.,However, the medical department has not made any admission or professional commitment.

middle school8Six candidates gave up Tsinghua Peking University?Examinee:Basically true I don't regret

This year, Bozhou No.1 Middle School in Anhui Province has seen a rare occurrence.8Six candidates collectively gave up Tsinghua Peking University,No.1 Zhang Jinyu was interviewed by Nandu,Said he especially likes computer related majors.,Although the scores this year can go to Tsinghua,But can't choose electronic information major,Therefore, I chose the electronic information class of the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University.(IEEEPilot class),"Have the courage and confidence to be responsible for your choice to the end.".

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