Quick check!Your car insurance benefitsExpiredHave you finished?Pacific property insurance,How many muddled accounts does Nong still have??

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Recently,Citizen Zhuang reported to Xinmin Evening News,He uses electronic coupons to make cars"Paint repair",There are4Voucher,It was used by default2New,When he finds something wrong,2Zhang's old one has expired;But through other channels,However, it shows that what was used by default at that time was2Zhang old."What is the situation?"He questioned,Pacific Insurance Company andeHow is the data docking of car maintenance completed?The system is so chaotic,Let a person confused.

description:Public number"Pacific property insurance"display2A new ticket has been used.,2An old coupon has expired now. For the interview object map(The same below)

description:eKeep a car(Public number)display2An old voucher has been used.

description:eKeep a car(app)display2The new ticket is still valid.

Paint repair,The default is to use new coupons

Mr. Zhuang told reporters,Last year,He bought one through Pacific Insurance"Motor Vehicle Commercial Industry Demonstrates Auto Insurance".As a purchase and insurance discount,Taibao provided it to Mr. Zhuang2Zhang can be used until this year.7Month5Japan's Paint Repair Universal Exchange Certificate.

This year,After he renewed his car insurance in Pacific insurance,Got it again2A paint repair coupon(Can be used to2019Year11Month26day).

This year6Month,Mr. Zhuang remembered2An old coupon can only be used7Month5day,It is about to expire.,So it was on the official WeChat public number of China Pacific Property Insurance Company Limited"Pacific property insurance"I have an appointment2Repair of paint surface of car surface,The booking service time is6Month23day.

7Month17Number,He passed the public number"Pacific property insurance"Query discovery,At that time, the paint used for repairing was actually new2Voucher,While the old one2The ticket shows that it has expired..

4SShop explanation,You cannot choose which coupon to use.

Mr. Zhuang stressed,Because he bought car insurance in Pacific insurance for two consecutive years.,Therefore, when painting the surface,Actual ownership4A General Exchange Certificate for Paint Repair.He wondered,Without his knowledge,Why is system software preferred2New ticket?

The reporter called to repair the paint on Mr. Zhuang's car.4SShop(Located on Zhen nan road589After-sales Service Center of the Famous Jue Rongwei Brand),Staff member Mr. pan said,4SThe store does not have the right to choose which coupon to use.,What they can do,Just choose the number of coupons.Mr. Pan said,He asked why the system chose to use Mr. Zhuang2The new ticket is not clear.

4SStaff member Mr pan also said,They are through a"eKeep a car"TheappOperating with coupons,In the process of using coupons,They cannot see information such as the date of the exchange certificate..

Situation reversal,eThe car owner found that the new ticket was still there.

Mr. Zhuang uses WeChat public number"Pacific property insurance"To make an appointment for paint repair,During the reservation process,The system will automatically jump to a call"eKeep a car"The small program of.For the situation that the new paint repair universal exchange certificate is used inappropriately,"eKeep a car"How do you explain it?

little does one think,The reporter pressed down,It was found that the situation had reversed.

The reporter was contactedeCustomer service for car maintenance,The staff passed the license plate number.,What we found was totally different results..Staff told reporters,eBackstage display of car maintenance,Mr. Zhuang2An old ticket is already in use.,And2The new ticket was unscathed..

Staff told reporters,"It could be Pacific Insurance andeThere was a mistake when the car was docked..The system has always given priority to the use of old coupons.."

Customer confusion,Three-terminal display shows two results

Hearing such feedback,Mr. Zhuang immediately passed the public number"eKeep a car"Query,Indeed as expectedeAccording to the person who owns the car and receives electricity,2An old ticket is already in use.,And2The new ticket was unscathed..via"eKeep a car"appFound,It's the same result..

And through the public number"Pacific property insurance"Query,Three weeks have passed,Still showing2An old voucher has expired.,2A new ticket has been used..

Why do the three terminals display two results?Reporters Call Pacific Insurance Customer Service,The person receiving the electricity admitted after inquiry,The situation is indeed as reflected by the customers.,As for the reason,"We also don't know".

There is a problem with system docking.?The information was not delivered properly.?Is there something else hidden??Mr Zhuang said,Pacific Insurance, as a unit providing professional insurance services,There can be no mistake in every word of customer information,such"Say not clear"Can I be convinced of the muddled reason??If the customer is kept in the dark,misbelieve"Pacific property insurance"The query results of,Don't you give up paint repair service for nothing?

Xinmin Evening News reporter Chen Hao Correspondent Yu Runkun