Quanzhou Interviews Group Dining Distribution Units Lower than60℃Catering is not allowed on campus.

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(Original title:Quanzhou Interviews Group Dining Distribution Units Lower than60℃Catering is not allowed on campus.)

Yesterday,Reporters learned from Quanzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau that,Our city interviewed and trained37Home group dining distribution unit.At present,The total daily supply of group meal distribution in the city is as high as7More than 10,000 copies,before,Issued by our city《Guiding Opinions on Food Safety Management of School Collective Meal Distribution in Quanzhou City(try out)》,To ensure the food safety of school students.

The whole city37A group meal delivery unit was interviewed

It is reported that,Recently, Quanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and Municipal Education Bureau jointly interviewed the whole city.37The person in charge of the family group meal distribution unit."Group meal distribution has a large one-time processing capacity.、Wide radiation range、The food population is huge and so on,All distribution units should sort out the weak points and risk points in time,To ensure the food safety of school students."The person in charge said.

It is understood that,Quanzhou's Private Economy Developed,Attract many foreign workers to work in spring.Due to busy work,It is difficult to take care of children who move with them.,In particular, how to solve the problem of children's lunch has become a thorny problem for many workers.Because of the demand,Quanzhou has seen many collective dining distribution units.,According to the school registration,Send meals to the school on time every day.,And then distributed to students one by one by the school.According to incomplete statistics,The total daily supply of group meal distribution in the city is as high as7More than 10,000 copies,The main supply target is school students.

At the interview meeting,The department clearly pointed out that,Food producers and operators are the first responsible person for food safety.,All distribution units should strengthen self-discipline,Strict implementation of corporate responsibility,Be sure to come from the source of raw materials.、Processing and distribution and other links to implement,Establish and improve the emergency response mechanism.

The whole process of kitchen processing is open to teachers and students.

In order to standardize the school collective dining distribution management,Our city also specially formulated and issued《Guiding Opinions on Food Safety Management of School Collective Meal Distribution in Quanzhou City》,From the school's main responsibility、Conditions of Catering Units and Requirements of Employees、Process control、Daily supervision and management, etc,To make detailed provisions on the management of school group meal distribution.

According to《Opinion》,School food safety management personnel shall conduct on-site inspection and temperature spot checks on the food ordered for each meal.,And make detailed records,The record shall at least include the name of the commodity.、Specifications、Quantity、Processing and delivery time、Preservation conditions、Center temperature, etc.TemperatureLower than60℃And from processing to eating more than2Hours of food without reheating,Not allowed to enter the campus for meal distribution or delivery.For the school collective dining distribution unit must be food and beverage service food safety quantitative grading assessmentBLevel(Excellent)Grade,Implementation"Bright kitchen"Engineering construction,And the whole process of cooking will be made public to the teachers, students and parents of the catering school.,It must also be implemented"One yard at a time"Food Safety Traceability System Construction.

Wash the car and make records before transporting food every time.

In addition,For the school collective dining distribution unit should be equipped with and processed food varieties、Number and storage requirements to adapt to the closed special transport vehicles and special closed transport containers,The interior materials and structures of vehicles and containers shall be easy to clean and disinfect.At the same time,Vehicles shall be equipped with qualified heating and insulation equipment or devices,Conditional units can be equipped with transport vehiclesGPSLocation management system.

Transport vehicles should be kept clean,Clean and record food before each shipment.,Pay attention to operation hygiene during transportation and loading and unloading.,Prevent food from being polluted during transportation.

After the transportation arrived at the school,For the school collective dining distribution unit should carefully check the food to be supplied,Inspection items include processing time、Central temperature、Package integrity, etc,With detailed records.At the same time,It is suggested to control the food transportation distance in1Within hours,Encourage qualified units to equip transport vehiclesGPSLocation management system.

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